A disgusting witch hanging down the tall wall beside you at a stormy dark night with terrifying noise of dead leaves being dragged away by mighty wind and BLA BLA BLA… You naturally tend to imagine this scene in your mind whenever you hear of the haunted Bhangarh Fort, located in the Alwar District of Rajasthan.

One of my friends with an extreme wanderlust came to me with a two-day traveling plan to Bhangarh, last week to which I agreed and accompanied him with our four mutual friends. The next day we drove away from the hustle of Delhi. We enjoyed our nonsense conversation over ridiculous topics while listening to rocking music.

After a journey of almost 6 hours, we stepped on our destination – A haunted yet a majestic rustic beauty Bhangarh Fort. It was anything but scary, only in the folklores. All five of us were over-excited to explore this spooky fort to check the validity of the horror tales we have been hearing from the natives and other visitors.


We carried some amazingly innovative things with us which were essential to make our travel easier and more comfortable. These essentials listed a Portable Folding Chair Backpack, a Non-Breakable Shrinking Bottle, a Pocket Light Lamp, a pair of Mini HD Night Vision Binoculars and a Portable Coffee Maker.

We entered the fort with these cute little pocket light lamps to illuminate the dark premises. Another thing in our hands were mini HD night vision binoculars to have a lucid far and near vision of the fort. As we walked down the place, we took a break and settled down on our folding chairs accommodated inside our backpacks. We brought out that stylish portable coffee maker and que bottle to revitalize ourselves with a refreshing sip of coffee (as caffeine masters the art to keep you awake even at the boring times). So, we were relishing that iconic moment inside a haunted fort with ultra-modern and functional travel essentials while reliving our friendship with random discussions.

We spent around four hours at the fort but fortunately or unfortunately, we could not hear any howling wolf, menacing lullabies of wind, and did not see even a single spirit flying around us. I guess the ghost were envious of our hi-tech travel kit as we were appreciating the comfort of these objects more than bothering about the ghosts.

The spirits and ghosts over there did not want to meet us because we completely forgot to think about them.

So, the best way to overcome your fears are the interesting and innovative things around you which keep you busy in appreciating their existence that you forget every other thing.

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