Several months before, I purchased a color changing lipstick. It was love at first sight. I am not fond of wearing layers of makeup on my sensitive skin but when it comes to lipsticks I am always in to try new glossy shines and colors.

So, I started getting into the lipstick world. These days, I am applying the magical lipstick which changes its color according to the temperature.

lipstick banner1

This beautiful color changing lipstick is bedecked with a cute flower inside its transparent stick and is as soft as the petals of that flower.

It is moisturizing, long lasting and glossy, thus, offers a whole day beauty to my lips with its nude shades. Making the right choice of lip color not just lend you a smart touch but a firm confidence to step out in the competitive world.

I have earned a bucket full of compliments for this color changing lipstick. All my friends and colleagues have loved the product and have asked me to get one for them as well. If you are the one who wants classy looks without much makeup on the face, then this color changing lipstick is made for you.

I would suggest all your pretty ladies buy this product from as I got it from here. I trust the product quality and timely shipment of this online shopping website.

lipstick banner2

The name of the lipstick describes it perfectly. It is an orangey color that is very popular these days. Crushed Coral is a perfect blend of orange and pink that looks amazing in the summer months. It was creamy and glided nicely onto my lips. I only needed to touch it up once during the day. I highly recommend this for anyone that loves the summer beachy looks.

I must say that this was overall impressed with this beauty essential product. It shows that you don’t need to rely on the big brands to deliver a quality product.

You can easily buy this from at unbelievable prices with extra benefits.


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