Almost every year, we plan an outing to revitalize our tired souls. We often stay at hotels during these plans get fascinated with their well-appointed rooms, modern amenities and inviting ambiance scheme.

Somewhere we all want our home to be as modern and beautiful as a luxurious hotel, yeah!!

We have some enticing home décor and home utility products to lend a contemporize and adore your home with panache. We bet that you cannot resist bringing these home as you will be carried away with the innovative technology and striking designs of the items.

Let’s have a quick tour:

  • Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent

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An ultrasonic repellent a day keeps pest away!

Keep away mosquitoes, bed bugs, cockroaches and all those pests who are your unwanted free-guests. Its ultrasonic technology and electromagnetic waves repel these irritating creatures from knocking your room.

  • Human Body Sensor Toilet LED Light


Making commodes worth a seat!

Eco-friendly, Human sensor, Multicolored, power-saving and what not is this toilet LED light. It simply installs on the rim of a toilet seat and illuminates it in 8 different colors during dark hours. This illumine bowl offers a deluxe touch to that ordinary toilet in the home.

  • Mini Ultrasonic Oil Incense Aromatherapy Humidifier Spray Machine


To feel the essence of a romantic suite!

You will lose yourself in the compelling aroma diffused from this striking LED oil incense machine. It aromatises home and office premises to create a soothing and romantic atmosphere. Unwind with this aromatherapy just like a satiating spa session in hotels.

  • 3-in-1 Charging LED Temperature Sensor Faucet Light


Here is something out of the imagination!

Not even in your dream would you see illuminated water running from a tap. This faucet light has made it true but. Install this innovative temperature sensor LED faucet light in taps and let the colored water pour into the bucket. This extraordinary item will completely transform your boring bathroom into an elite space.

  • Remote Controlled Decorative Moonlight Night Wall Lamp


And bring down the moon to brighten up your home!

Is there any 5-star hotel, themed on celestial bodies? We don’t think so! This is quite an opportunity to make your home one of a kind. Grace up the room interiors with calm moonlight by just switching on this remote-controlled moonlight wall night lamp.

We know you do not want to miss these interesting products. Get all such genuinely imported products from at the lowest rate.

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