Chamois High Liquid

Chamois High Liquid Absorbent Cleaning Towel

The Chamois Towel that absorbs ounces of liquid and cleans your things in a single wipe.

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Hurricane Fur Wizard

Hurricane Fur Wizard Universal Sticky Roller Brush

Sticky Buddy is the rock and roll formula with a sticky feature to take away dust, lint, hair, and other unwanted particles from your clothes, carpets, floor and more.

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Mighty Thirsty

Mighty Thirsty Ultra Absorbent Long Coarse Sponge

Mighty Thirsty knows no soaking limits and cleans like a pro. Use this PVA made a flexible and anti-bacterial sponge for years.

Bestselling product available on COD here

Spin Broom

Hurricane Hand Push Spin Broom

No battery! No electricity! Only manual power is required to operate this innovative automatic rotatory sweep brush. It swallows the dust around in its built-in dustpan.

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Cleaning Mop

Universal Telescopic Baseboard Cleaning Mop

Why should baseboard remain dirty? Flexible cleaning base, adjustable extension pole, swivel design, reusable, can you ask for anything else?

Available with extra benefits only at

Flexible Silicone Scrub Brush

Multi-Functional Flexible Silicone Scrub Brush

A perfect weapon to clean rough and delicate surfaces. Wash dishes, clean shelf, boards, hair, glass or anything with this soft bristle silicone scrub. It works as a mitt as well.

Now available all over India at

Wash-Free Flat Dragging Mop

Double-Sided Wash-Free Flat Dragging Mop

Double-sided mop to reach every corner of the house with flexible 360 degrees rotating the head. This eco-friendly reusable mop is equipped with a hands-free squeezing device to ensure a comfortable cleaning.

Get it at the lowest price today at

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